Birthday Shoes

Two little girls’ birthdays are coming up… and part of their presents are these.

They are pretty stinking cute if I do say so myself…

zentangle shoesBut I found out the hard way with mine… DO NOT spray them with Scotchguard.  I now have a smeared grey shoe to match my black and white zentangled one… sigh.


Birthday Shoes — 7 Comments

  1. So cute! All their friends will want a pair and try to coerce their grandma’s to make a pair for them! We are waiting in the airport to board a plane to Cancun after driving here in 4-5 inches of snow which is still heavily falling! 82 degrees in Cancun! Hope Spring returns before we get back next week!

  2. If you can’t scotchguard them, what can you do to keep the ink from running (if they get wet) and to keep them clean and nice looking?

  3. Gosh Carol. These are SO good. Back in the day I did paint a pink flower with nail varnish on a pair of black pumps. Seeing these cute shoes gets the creativeness flowing again. Well done. They will love them.

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