Zentangled Shoes

I babysat until afternoon then decided to see if it was dry enough to rototill my garden.  It was.

Around and around I went, sparing the volunteer lettuce!  The soil looks great under the straw left from my straw bale garden attempt last summer.  I plan to go capture some other rotting straw and till it in as well.  Yes, I know about weeds.  My garden is a haven for weeds.

Weeds and I have an understanding.  They grow.  I try to ignore them.

I also decided to expand my hugelkultur bed to the entire west end of my garden.  I rounded up some cardboard for my bottom layer, and right about then I ran into suppertime.  There’s lots more work to do, and my camera wasn’t around… so tomorrow after library duty I will get back to it!

For tonight, here’s the pair of shoes I zentangled last week.  Out of curiosity, how much would YOU pay for some hand zentangled shoes?  I’m thinking $40, $45…

zentangled shoeszentangled shoeszentangled shoes


Holy cow!  Time for another Q&A.  I have a few lined up that people have asked recently in comments… but let me know if there are any others out there!  Post your question in the comment section and I’ll get to it in a few days.


Zentangled Shoes — 3 Comments

  1. Oh, I’d pay that much easily. More if you could work in a little band of dachshunds about where that band of red-and-white “lacing” is. I am just in awe of these.

  2. How did the straw bale work for planting into? I was thinking of trying lettuce in it. What worked best in the bale? Or was it a bust? I don’t remember seeing out it worked out.

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