You’ll never guess what the nice UPS man brought me today…

My newest Canon camera!

Yes, I impulsed bought a Canon SX720HS.  It was $50 off… so how could I resist, right?  and those horrid spots inside my other camera with that rough grinding noise while zooming the lens?  It is downhill from here.  It’s just a matter of time.  Yeah, those are my excuses and I’m sticking to them!

Plus… 40x ZOOM!

Can you say, WOW?

My current Canon has 20x.

It’s great, but guess what?  It connects wirelessly to my computer… and after half an hour of trying to set it up, I’m going to bed!  Maybe in the morning, I can make more sense of the computerese it is trying to tell me.



Computerese — 2 Comments

  1. Boy howdy. Been there with my 18 month Canon. 8 year old granddaughter took some ‘different’ photos with it over Christmas so I thought I must download the manual. Well all 162 pages downloaded so my plan was to print the few in English. Guess what!! ALL 162 pages are in English telling my what the camera will do. Have I read it? No. A Longmire novel is SO much better. Good luck Carol.

  2. Uh, oh – wirelessly? and then there is the instruction book written in super-mini print “engineer-ish” that you need a gigantic magnifying glass to read! Did I just hear a far distant scream from Wyoming?? 🙂

    You WILL love your camera after you get all this figured out, Carol.

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