Dream Day

Five kids, three adults, and a morning searching for fossils!  We knew they were there somewhere, and taking two dinosaur-happy boys out to find belemnites, aka fossilized squid, was perfect.  We put them on the spot and let them find them (with just a little encouragement… possibly… maybe…)  My partner was often Miss Lorelei… who is showing off her belemnites to you!

fossilsAs a side note… Here’s what all the fashionable two year old paleontologists are wearing these days…


Little legs trudged back to the car, and we were off to the Ten Sleep Fire Department’s open house and free lunch.  Fill up on pulled pork (or hot dogs) and cake and then climb around and over the new fire trucks… oh, yeah. (More about the new fire hall later)

fire hall

Back to my house to pack so Waylon, Wyatt, and Matthew could head home, but Quinlan and Lorelei were stuck with me for a few more hours.  The blasted wind has been blowing all day (whines this Casper girl) soooooo….

I dig out a new gifted kite and ta-da!  Quinlan has a natural feel for what to do with a flying kite, and he was handling it like a champ!

kite flying

Lorelei gave it a shot, but didn’t last too long.

kite flying

A final walk to shut up the chickens… and whew!  Someone might need a bowl of ice cream after a day like today…

I’d say it was a dream day for little kids!


Dream Day — 11 Comments

  1. Who took the picture of you and Lorelei? Is that the new camera at work?

    Paleontology is hard work. As is modeling fashionable clothing! Lucky Grandma!

    • I actually handed my new camera to a four year old. He did pretty good! Quinlan should be listed as the photographer.

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