Ten Sleep Fire Hall

When the fire hall in Ten Sleep burned down, many of us were simply shocked.  I had a very minor role in getting some of the grants it was built with… I still call the retired Fire Chief, “Boss”, even though it’s been years since he held that position.  My husband’s on the Fire District Board, again… for years!  Both my boys fight fire when needed… and Victoria and I have been there a few times, as well, before the government started getting picky about First Responders.

The fire was caused by ice and snow sliding off the roof, landing on the propane line that punched its broken way into the building itself, releasing the gas until it filled the building.  The heater probably kicked on… the spark igniting the gas… and boom! boom!… the fire hall and all its equipment was gone.  Within a day, though, we could have responded to a fire with loaned equipment – many places were extremely generous.

Rebuilding took a year.

This weekend they held an open house.  New building.  New trucks.  New equipment.  It was a Big Thank You to all who donated… fire departments across the country… those that made chili for a chili contest… cash donations from many individuals and businesses… items big and small for a fundraising auction… tshirt sales…

The world can be a wonderful place!

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Ten Sleep Fire Hall — 11 Comments

  1. Where is the Fire Dept? Sure doesn’t look like the dept they had in Ten Sleep when I was a kid there!! The new building is beautiful.

  2. Ditto to ALL the comments! The new building and equipment are top notch!

    Just wanted to share that my Grandpa was a Buffalo, NY fireman (retired in 1963). His career spanned the driving of horses to the big red fire trucks with clanging bell even in the 60’s! Lots of stories of heroic rescues. Grandpa invented the Firemen’s Hat Retainer in 1924 – he had a patent on it and began making them in his basement! They were made of leather, and fit into the big old metal helmet…securing it to the head by a special leather chin strap that also covered the ears. Wish I had one, but I do have the sales brochure. The Buffalo Fire Dept. used them until the 1970’s when they changed to plastic helmets. Just a little FYI today!

      • Yes indeed! Our family has quite a lot of nice pictures. I submitted one of Grandpa for the latest historical book on Buffalo! It was a project of the History Museum and the Buffalo News. They accepted it for the publication!! Next I’ve got to make a more complete story and picture display for the Buffalo Firemen Museum. They will definitely use the copy of the patent/sales brochure.

  3. Wow! What an impressive looking building and state of the art fire trucks. Well done to all who helped with the fund raising. There is a lot of good in our world, the news just tends to ignore it.

  4. What a wonderful ending to a catastrophe for a small community. It warms my heart to know there are still places where people work together for the good of everyone. Congratulations!

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