Oh, My Goodness

Riding for 10 hours today.  It’s a good way to be sore ALL OVER.

Tomorrow has the potential to be a short day or another LONG day… so I may pass.  Riding for another 10 wouldn’t be so bad, it would be coming home and having to cook and prepare for branding that would do me in.

So I’m drinking ANOTHER glass of water, and contemplating my agenda, and decided I’d just post my favorite photo from the day…

because sleep is more on my mind, than anything else.

And Advil.


Oh, my Goodness!



Oh, My Goodness — 12 Comments

  1. Stunning backdrop, Carol. Thanks for sharing your adventure and all that you experience on a daily day ranching.

  2. Carol, I’ve been reading your blog for years. My first time commenting. That picture is gorgeous on so many levels. Just beautiful. Oh, and I hope the Advil helps…

  3. Beautiful pic..nice snow on the mountains..love the layers of hills, valleys and big mountains..elevation of you? compared to those peaks? which mountain range? thanks

  4. Glad you are up and about. Hope the Advil works for you. Great photo. Still amazes me that there is RED in WY. Not sure what I expected though. Blame it on The Virginian, Lawman, and all those other TV Cowboy shows that I grew up on – and in black and white. Guess that’s the problem!!!!!

  5. Does it get any better than this? Blue skies, purple mountain majesties, red hills, green grass, black cows, and a cowboy. I envy you the day….though not the aches.

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