Work Load

I didn’t ride today… Too much to do, so I babysat Toria’s kids and tried to get ready for branding!

I don’t think I’ve sat down very much today.  Once in the rocking chair to get Matthew to take a nap this morning… and I was wishing he didn’t fall asleep so fast this time!  Again at lunch. And supper.  And when the clock said 10 pm, I said “I quit.”

Someone mentioned to me the other day, that they couldn’t understand anyone who liked spring… The work load quadruples and there never is enough time to get things done!  Today I agree.  Getting ready for branding makes lots of work for everyone… the cowboys and cooks both!

We will be serving roast beef sandwiches, au jus, potato salad, chips, frito corn salad, a green salad, relish tray, orange jello salad, deviled eggs, watermelon, grapes, pop and iced tea.  There will be monster cookies, blueberry cake, german chocolate cupcakes, ice cream, and my chocolate covered rice krispy treats.  The lawn is mowed and mostly trimmed… the seats are set out as are the serving tables.  Toys are picked up and the sidewalk chalk washed off (I’m sure temporarily!).

The pop is chilling in the extra fridge, (I HATE running out of stuff to drink or serving warm pop… c’mon, ice maker!) Tomorrow, I should just be able to heat up the meat, make the iced tea and au jus… Wipe down the bathrooms and maybe sweep the floor!  Then it’ll be off to BRAND.

I’m sure I will forget something…

Oh, how about some pics from yesterday???

morningEden and Panama and I… and if you double click on the photo, you ought to see some cows WAAAAY over there!

cowsI like this one, just because it’s taken in the sorting grounds and I love the view from here… plus… HAPPY PAIRS.  The wind was kind of cool, but the ground was warm… I tried it myself and it helped take the chill off!

long tallDaniel and a neighbor (and his two dogs) are actually working… holding the herd, but it looks like they’re just chillin’ swapping stories.

That’s it for now…


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  1. I’ve wondered for a long time why you don’t use one of the other methods of ID. Less time consuming and also less impact on the cattle. Branding must be a bit painful for them too.

  2. I love that third picture, though I think it could do with a little less of the grass at the bottom for balance. Then again, I could be all wrong too. 🙂

  3. Carol, how do you provide so much food during branding? I could go to Costco but I’m sure that’s not an option for you. Do you make your own potato salad, deviled eggs? Or do you have several people preparing food.

    Love your blog!

    • We just cook it. It’s so much easier with two daughters-in-law and Victoria! It was a team effort with me and my mother-in-law for many years, then it was just me, although my mom would sometimes come up and help. I’d start cooking a week early and freeze stuff! Costco and Sam’s Clubs are too far away although Victoria might buy us the big paper plates or forks if she’s going there anyway. Yes, we make our own potato salad and deviled eggs. It’s all home made. If we each make a salad and dessert, that’s pretty good… and then I do the main dish and sometimes a veggie. Depends on what we’re having.

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