Working Dog

I opted for babysitting Quinlan and Lorelei today so that Megan could ride.  It helped me get my house cleaner… and lawn watered some… and two loads of laundry finished!  But then, Tess and I took up lunch to the cowboys.

I debated.  If they weren’t quite to the Slope Pasture… they could probably use a fresh dog.  It was hot today, and I was betting Tuff was tired and hot!  So, do I take Dally (who knows what she’s doing? although she’s been working the past few days) or do I take Eden (who chases rabbits given the slightest chance and cows only on occasion? but she makes up for it in enthusiasm????)

I went with enthusiasm.

Two coolers, two adults, four kids, and one dog, pile in my Durango to make our raucous way up the mountain.

We reach the cowboys just in time for the last big uphill push.


Swwwwwwsssssss, Eden!


By golly, this pup went to work!  I have never seen her work like that except for when cows were stuck in bogs or ponds and we needed her rambunctious style.  Yes, she still has the Annoying Elsa YipYip going on, but she actually bit some cattle, and watched what was going on.  Admittedly, there wasn’t a rabbit in sight (they are SOOOOO thick around here and in the badlands, a dog can’t move without stepping on a rabbit!).


I have been working with Eden more and more… although I doubted she was learning much!  Rabbit Fever makes her forget… plus those “teenage months”… but today?  Yes, I was happy.  Yes, she remembered some of what I’d tried to teach her… and with her two year old birthday just a month away, I hope she can settle down and be the dog I hoped she’d be! (In this shot, she keeps looking back at me in the car… then returns to the cattle)

EdenWhen she gets more confidence, the YipYip should disappear, and the cattle better stay in line!  This little girl will come for you!

(And for those of you who wondered… Southeast!)




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  1. Hasn’t the weather been wonderful?! I’ve been having a lot of fun working with our new pup Zip. While he isn’t going to be a Cowdog, a lot goes into making him safe and fun to have around the Cowkids. He and LittleMissH are best buds and I’m looking forward to taking time each day this summer to teach the Cowkids how to work with him. It’ll be good for all of us 🙂
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