Pooped Pup

Give me an “Atta, girl!”

Rode this morning, pushing those troublesome critters to the next pasture.  There’s more feed over there, that *should* make them happy.


Came home for a lunch of leftovers.  Let’s all hear the cheer for Leftovers!

Then I decided that I didn’t want to hang around here… sure there’s lawn mowing and cleaning and painting and, you know… Same Old Work.  I decided to do something different.  I gathered dogs, tools, water and was off for the mountain.

We needed that lay down fence put up along the lane in case someone needed to trail by.  A flat fence is not much of a deterrent to anything but your riding horse, so these two sections need stood up.  The dogs and I were on it!

laydown fence

It was windy and much cooler than down at the bottom of the hill… some lupine just starting to bloom, and a few mules ears on the way up as well.  The grass seems kind of short still, and while not dusty, it wasn’t really wet either.

We went to work.

fencelineNo surprise, when, tonight, I felt like a pooped pup!




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