While I was holding the herd the other day… two bulls had a tiff.

bull fightThe went at it, head to head, for about 15 minutes.  They started at one side of the herd, and keep shoving on each other clear to the other side.  It wasn’t loud, or particularly physical, but they kept pressure on each other!

bullsbullsIt was mostly a Very Boring Fight.  A few times you could see the impressive energy of one ton bulls trying to “win”.  You don’t want to be very close!

loserThen, with no warning, one bull turned and left the scene, followed by a very cocky winner.  It provided me with a diversion… it was mainly just bulloney….


Bulloney — 5 Comments

  1. Question–when you buy an adult bull at a sale, do you brand him? And if so, How? Can’t imagine two people holding down a ton of beef!

    • We have to brand it, you can see our A bar A brand on the one bull. We simply run them into our squeeze chute and hold him that way. You’re right, two people could not hold a bull down for branding!

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