Walked my little feet off today… or it feels like I did.

Chasing cows through the brush, running the chute for a while, (until I started to overheat), then mowing my lawn with my little lawnmower (since some small child stole the keys to my riding lawnmower…) Whew.

But, let’s look at the little thing I built the other day… I’m so tickled with it, I have to share!

Disclaimer:  Carol likes shiny things.  Carol likes jewelry.  Carol likes earrings and necklaces and bracelets.  My earrings have containers and hangers.  My necklaces have pegs.  My poor bracelets were thrown into a bowl where they’d tangle or I’d even forget I owned one… or two…

So I built myself a bracelet holder!

bracelet holder

The cross bars can be removed to slide bracelets off…

bracelet holder

The cuffs sit on the back…

I think it’s pretty awesome!



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