Another Trip

Another trip up to the Mesa Pasture… this time from the home place.

Full moon watching.

full moondawn shadowred wallgate againcornerI’m in the lead in the second photo… well, I’m in the lead most of the time… making sure they turn when and where they should.

The red wall in the third pic… anywhere along here… I could build a cabin (except we don’t own this… and there’s NO WATER!)

Morning light touches the red dirt (no filter) and we’re headed through the gate… again.

The pickup and horsetrailer wait for us to finish the job.  The lead cows are heading towards the fence corner where they will be paired with their babies and turned out in the Mesa Pasture until Saturday, when we will take them all the way to the top of the mountain.


Another Trip — 3 Comments

  1. Hmmmm, this seems to have worked its way over to the wrong post. But, you know I’m talking about the fires.

  2. Oh, yuk. It’s like the entire West is just waiting. I’m in suburban Orange County, so no danger here, but there’s a good size fire just north in the foothills and we’re getting smoke and ash.

    Stay safe and prayers for quickly extinguishing those flames.

  3. Yes, a cabin, anywhere along there, and then you’d rent it out to me!!! (Except… ah well… it’s a great dream!)

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