Saddle at Four

OK… It’s “Saddle at Four” time…

So that means up at three am…

So that means…

I’m taking the easy way out and posting just a photo from the other morning.  It’s Dally behind the cattle in a very dusty spot!!!  I REALLY like this one!

dusty dog

It also means I’m ignoring the big news of the day, which is a wildfire that started by the highway in Ten Sleep Canyon and has grown quickly to 2600 acres.  My guys are NOT fighting this one, but they did send me to check out the smoke and where it was!!!

It was 100˚ today… breezy here… and tinder dry EVERYWHERE.  I pray no one gets hurt on this fire… too hot, too dry, too windy, and difficult terrain.

I have been sharing pics about it on my Red Dirt In My Soul facebook page and here’s the link for updated information.

Here’s a pic I took when it had just started…  I’ll keep you informed…

hatchery fire


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