Looking Good

I awoke with a BANG this morning at 4:30.  Literally.

A flash of lightning was CLOSE.

The storm had been going on for a while, but, WOW.  When lightning is that close to shake your windows and scare the snot out of your dog… your adrenaline keeps you up for a bit before you can fall asleep as the storm begins to pass.

We have been watching all day, fully expecting for fires to start, and some did, but not close to us.  We know lightning can smolder for days, so we will keep looking for the next few days.  We did get some rain with it, thankfully, this country could use so much more!

Vernon and I took some salt and mineral up to the cows, happy to see the road was damp the entire way.

The cows looked extremely happy… spread out, laying around, chewing their cud… enjoying the cooler weather.

Black cows aren’t fond of 90˚ heat either…

spread outThe springs are still running…

springAll in all… things are looking good!


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  1. Fingers crossed you don’t find any dormant fires. Water in second photo looks both refreshing and relaxing. Beautiful view.

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