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Before we get too far away from our Montana trip, I need to share…

Since we had time before the Pioneer Producer Award presentation for Johnny, we took the road out of Cody that climbs over Dead Indian Pass and past Sunlight Basin, headed for Cooke City and Red Lodge then on to Billings.

Now, if you’re a dedicated “flatlander” or simply scared of heights… this trip is NOT for you.  Switchbacks is the name of the game on this trip.

Dead Indian Pass had a part in the Nez Perce war… Chief Joseph and his people were being pursued by General O. O. Howard and General Samuel Sturgis waited at the foot of the mountains, hoping to find them as they left the security of the mountains.  Chief Joseph gave them the slip, and managed to give his people a head start in the infamous, long, running battle.


You travel the Absaroka and Bear Tooth Mountains…

bear tooth switchbacks pilot peak

We stopped in Cooke City for a break.  We walked a bit, checking out their historical general store… and then made our way to their new visitors’ center (public restrooms, you know!).  That little place AMAZED ME.  My early dream, back in college, was to either work at a National Park or somewhere where I could do some historical re-enacting… or some Natural History museum.  Frankly, I could work for this museum director.  She has done a tremendous job and I was VERY impressed.

Oddly enough, I didn’t take photos of my favorite display!

But they were all pretty interesting…

The school…

schoolThe miner’s cabin (which was in the “backyard”) surrounded by old mining equipment…

miner's cabin(Vernon’s comment was that he liked the miner’s composite decking…)

interior miner cabinThe mining equipment… kudos if you can spot the hummingbird… PLUS, guess what they do around the firepit on Saturday nights???  Entertainment and RE-ENACTMENTS…

mining equipmentBack inside, I glanced at the miners’ exhibit.

minersSomething caught my eye.

closerBet you can guess what I’m looking at, huh?

dogCheck out that DOG!

Well, this post is long and I don’t have time to tell you the great story of Anastazie and Anton… so PLEASE go to their website and read their newsletter.  What an amazing woman Anastazie was!


Caught My Eye — 6 Comments

  1. A wonderful, WONDERFUL, post. Thank you!! Beautiful pictures, a great picture of you! Isn’t that your new FB photo?

    Friends we met in Yuma and will be forever friends, want us to travel that area next. I’d love to forward this to her…so how do I do that?

    This is the best infomercial for that area I’ve ever seen. They would appreciate it…the area. And the steeper and more narrow, rocky or totally absent the road is…the better. kjr

  2. Yeah, the same something caught my eye, too. 🙂 But no kudos for me: What hummingbird, where?? Chief Joseph Highway and Dead Indian Pass look like a fun and gorgeous trip, too bad I missed it on my road trips in the area (although “my” roads were beautiful also). American visitors’ centers are THE BEST!! — Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a fun trip! The scenery is breathtaking – and I really enjoyed the extras you added about the history of the area! Yes, I smiled at the big, beautiful English Shepherd (and 2 other doggies) in the miners picture. But couldn’t find the hummingbird amidst all those interesting and well-placed artifacts.

    Hoping you get some more rain. We are in a drought here in WNY, too.

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