Daniel’s early and I’m rushing around looking for my little hand held metal detector… a simple “pinpointer”, it helps find things in small spaces… and I’m in a hurry… and I failed to find it.



We were riding that day in a pasture where for YEARS I’ve wanted to take a metal detector along, because there’s this.

cacheWhat is it?  I don’t know.  My guess is a cache.  Or a simple windbreak!

cache closeupIt has some logs on top, weighed down with rock…

Here’s Dally to give you some perspective.

Dally cacheIt’s not very big… you could sit in it, but not lay down fully.  It reminds me of an eagle catcher “hole” from the southwest… any of you have any ideas???  SOMEDAY, I WILL pack my metal detector up here!

There’s also this… frequently called “sheepherder monuments”…

sheepherder monumentthese are often seen in the mountains.  While some may have been constructed by bored sheepherders, many have their origins with Indian culture as “road signs” leading their way to some destination.  This one could be helpful in finding a medicine wheel…

It’s tall, I might be able to reach the top point if I stood in my stirrups and reached high!

Again, Dally helps with perspective, or maybe she’s just looking for shade…

Dally monument****

Time for Q&A!  Have any questions????


Monumental — 6 Comments

  1. It looks like a kiln of some type but obviously, the log doesn’t belong, unless it was added later? Would love to take a look.
    The first picture may have been a barricade for protection during an assault.

  2. How interesting that people took the time and energy to build
    these. They mystery of “Why” will likely never be answered.

  3. Both items are “new” to me! Makes you really wonder about that rock possible shelter? The other monument is really cool. Hi to Dally who looks so pretty.

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