Besides running around with the cows… the guys have been thrashing our oats.  I didn’t get pics of that, but we are baling the straw…

strawAnd yes, we do know the old swather did a rotten job of cutting…

Daniel’s been getting the pivot field ready for farming… but that’ll be another post.


A neighbor gave me some extra corn, so I stayed up late freezing it!

It’ll taste like sunshine come midwinter!



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  1. We grow acres & acres of sweet corn and freeze a lot for winter but we don’t blanch it any more. Cut it off the cob & freeze…it’s that simple…save yourself some time next time!

  2. Some year I hope you try planting a bit of Golden Bantam corn – a heritage
    variety that you can buy @ Victory Seeds. It’s bright yellow and delicious!

  3. That corn will certainly brighten up a grey/gray winters day. On that day you’ll be glad you stayed up late. Thanks for the answers to my questions.

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