School has begun, and I started back at the library again, 8-5 … two days a week.

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I’m highly tempted to make it another Wordless “Wednesday”, or would you prefer a “Throwback Thursday” where I share a *historical* photo? I’m just tired… and I doubt you care how many books and dvds I processed and put on the shelf today!


Do you have another idea???

Please don’t say videos as they take me much longer to prepare!  Unless it’s on Periscope or Facebook Live, where it’s just raw and not polished!

Anyone???  I’m willing to listen!  Just give me a great idea for something short and sweet to post on these long Thursdays…

Here’s a pic from this morning’s drive… yes, that’s a Golden Eagle and yes, there was another one there as well until my camera focused and then it flew!



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  1. I like Throwback Thursdays…………..if you could add a puzzle in, too. Seriously, I love anything you put on it.

  2. Would you allow yourself a Too Tired This Thursday and take a day off?
    Everyone needs at least one day to just breathe.

  3. Throwback Thursdays, Puzzles, Horses always, or more about Ten Sleep – I’m happy with anything but snakes! hahahahahahahaha! and thank you for not posting any! 🙂

  4. Throwback Thursday with a historical picture would be great. I don’t know how you do so much – taking care of grand children, painting the barns, herding cattle, gardening, bee keeping, making presents, working at the library, etc., along with the usual cooking, cleaning and washing for the family.

  5. I think the “Throwback Thursday” would be great. That is amazing and wonderful to see that very big Golden Eagle. Are they still rare and/or endangered?

  6. Throw back Thursday would make me happy. And throw ’em waaaay back. The history of Ten Sleep and it’s people is fascinating to me. Thank you for your blog.

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