Girls’ Day… With Boys

Antiquing with my sister again… We are in search of a big dining table for her… and ended up with a large cabinet she’ll use to sit the tv and media stuff on.  And at 8’4″, just a smidge too long for her pickup bed!

Neverfear, we had plenty of rope and blankets for padding… the piece made it over the mountain and to her house in fine shape!

I climbed in my car to drive the rest of the way home and she told me to “watch for deer”… a standard “goodbye phrase” around here.  I answered back, “and elk!”… and sure enough… close to home…

One dark neck stood out to me in the sagebrush, so I hit my brakes just to check him out.  A few minutes later, he decides to leave, but a couple more heads poke over the ridge!  Who knows how many were back there, but I settled for these three bull elk.

Watch out boys, hunting season is ON…



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  1. Glad you had a good time with your sister – even if you did not get the table. There is always next time!! It means you can plan another antique trip to get the table.

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