No Names

I put out a request on Facebook a few weeks back… looking for a cat or kitten to help with my mouse problem… I *did* receive quite the debate on the best mouse trap… but no felines.  Then Megan knew of someone… and so…

Here they are!

kittensTwo?  Yes, TWO.  The last two of their litter… and right now they’re both in my studio, jumping on the furniture, sharpening claws on all the nice logs, running, tumbling.

catOne’s a tad smaller… less prominent stripes.

catThe other, more tiger-ish…

To tell the truth… I *think* I got their pics straight!

One will stay in the studio, the other in the barn.  Either one may be held temporarily overnight in my house to spread some Mouse Fear. (but, honestly, Lucas has first claim on my house at night!)

No names yet.


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