Pregnancy Testing ’16

Up at 5:30 to pack up lunch and everything for preg test day.  I actually didn’t leave home until 9 am.  Amazing how long it takes to pack food, lawn chairs, drinks, coffee pots, and desserts for the crew!

The guys weaned yesterday, so today was easy, just having to deal with cows.

I leave you with photos since tomorrow is another big day!

chute workpregnantThe boys run the chute… and our vet paints a ‘G’ on the side of our cows.  He does it just for fun instead of the plain line signifying this cow is pregnant!

I have a couple of short videos.  I’ll work with them… but NOT TONIGHT!

Another year down!


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  2. You are so blessed to have both of your sons working on the ranch with you! That must be so helpful and wonderful for you and Vernon. Greet ranch is sure to go on for another 100 years!! (at least)! ;-}

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