#TBT: Headcatch

Since not long ago you saw our vet’s nice hydraulic chute  that we use to pregtest our cows, I thought I’d share this old photo.

headcatchIt looks like a 2×6 and some hip action held the cow’s head in place, for whatever they were doing…  I’m not sure about the bigger bottom angled board and how it was released or used.  There is an old can sitting up to the right, so… maybe they were dehorning???

I can’t even say where this was taken… the shed back behind doesn’t look familiar at all.

It’s still an interesting look into the past.


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  1. This is the livestock chute in the corral behind Daniel Greet’s house. George Greet is holding the board. The boards are to hold the head and it looks like horns laying on the ground. Bonnie remembers them doing this. I do not remember a brush roof over the back part of the chute pens. I remember a gate to the right of the dehorner.

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