Little More Preg

Today we worked our newly weaned calves… and… I left my camera outside in my garage, and I’m too lazy to walk out there, so I’ll share a little more from yesterday’s preg test.

danielDaniel runs the vet’s hydraulic chute.  It works tremendously well, but you have to put up with the running engine that provides the hydraulics all day.  He also applies the topical wormer (an ivomec type) to their backs.  He has to wait until the vet declares the cow pregnant.  If the cow wasn’t pregnant or “open”, he won’t apply it.  These cows will be shipped to the sales ring Sunday and sold Tuesday.  The application won’t be given in case some should some of them end up in the food supply.

alleyOur alley crew doesn’t exactly look like they’re stressing the cows, now does it?  Just leaning on the fence, watching them go up when needed!

good docThe Good Doctor works hard all day… and yes, he is up to his arm pit INSIDE the cow.  See her fur?  He can feel the head of the little calf, approximate the age of the fetus, he knows when we put the bulls in, (calf gestation is 9 months), and call out the due date of “April 15!” (or whatever) all in the space of a minute.

It amazes me.

jaxonJaxon evidently liked my cinnamon rolls…


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  1. Thanks Carol. I’m understanding the ‘preg testing’ a little more. You describe is so well. Loved the fence photo taking time to ‘stand and stare’ while on the job. I’d just stare at your amazing views. And the remains of you cinnamon roll – what a happy face.

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