Two Grins

Well, we did it.  A flying trip to Casper (four hours away), through off and on rain, to attend the Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

I started off with a final pysanky class Saturday morning up at Meadowlark Lodge IN THE SNOW.  Well, we weren’t outside… but, yes… a significant snowfall…

snowThen I flew down the mountain, gathering up Vernon and Johnny, and we were off to Casper for the mixer that night.  Arriving just in time, we checked in, turned around and went to hang out with the other inductees and their families.  It was kind of like an “old home night”, where you’d visit with someone you didn’t know, that knew someone you “did” know… or you’d heard of… and shared experiences were great entertainment.  Stories flew from wall to wall and I wish they could have been recorded!

Finally at 10:30, we went to bed.  Then it was up the next morning, and up to the Casper Event Center by 9 to visit some more.

Senator Mike Enzi came along to hand out Hall of Fame medals and shake hands.

Senator EnziSo did Andy and Jim Nelson from Clear Out West (C.O.W.) Radio.  I’ve mentioned them before… they’re a hoot!

COWradioWe also knew other attendees there… the Oggs, the Schweigharts, the people there for their grandfather Sanford, and especially, Jr. Johnstone… a neighbor just up the road.  You’ve seen his pic on here on occasion, as we run cows together in our badlands allotment!  More guys knew Johnny from back in his Ten Sleep Rodeo days… It was just FUN!

But it was for this…

buckleand this…


But especially, this, two Big Grins on two of the best guys to ride with!  This was what made it worthwhile!



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  2. Congratulations to Johnny Greet and to your family! An honor very well deserved, I’m sure. I loved seeing and reading about it. Thanks, Carol.

  3. This is a fantastic story and kind of embodies the spirit of rural Wyoming. Story is wonderful, pictures are great. Thank you!

  4. These are once in a lifetime experiences for the inductees and their families an friends. These men have earned their honors over a lifetime of work. I know they loved their work, it was still WORK! Congratulations to these men and their wives (especially) and their families. I feel honored to have known them.

  5. Looks like you got to drive through the worst of it. It was raining when I drove through it Friday on the way to Nate Brown’s memorial. I got to see the snow when drove home Sunday.

    Congratulations to your family.

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