Pint and Pottery

First try today at “Pint and Pottery” at the Ten Sleep Brewery.

It’s the chance to decorate a pre-thrown vase with various glazes.  I’ve never done anything like this before… but after some basic instructions from our local art teacher (who’s known for his Raku pottery), I was ready to try!

First, I used a tape to block out areas on the vase.

vaseThen I applied three colors of glaze: crackle white, copper, and turquoise.

vase img_2656Now the copper could be black and the turquoise might have some copper in it… it all depends on how it fires and cools and I guess it’ll really be a surprise how it turns out!  Where the tape was, it should be a grey from the smoke.  It’ll be done in a few days and I’ll share a pic of the result!  Of course I will!


Pint and Pottery — 4 Comments

  1. Where do you get all of your energy? Also what was the class you taught at Meadowlark? I have never heard of that before and right now I can’t remember the name :py something?
    Your vase is beautiful.

    • It is called pysanky. Type it in the search box on the right hand side of my blog, and various posts I’ve written about it will appear. thanks.

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