Absolutely pouring rain for the badlands and Worland area… this evening it’s started over here.  We were going to preg test today, but cancelled, and I’m very glad we did.  We would have been cold, wet, and miserable.


More pics from yesterday.


bucket rainbowThe rainbow ends in a can on the post… should be easy to grab the gold.

peekabooUh, helllloooooo…

chainAs requested…

get emDally working.  She loves her job.


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  1. Very nice set of pictures over the past two days. Nice variety and experimenting with your calendar filters. I hope you got a generous amount of gold at the end of that rainbow! 🙂

  2. Hi Carol, we’d (Washakie County Conservation District) love to have some of your favorite photos to consider for our 2017 annual calendar. It’s a wall calendar that is distributed around to local businesses and the general public. There isn’t really a “prize” but we have a little photo contest going on our facebook page and the “winning” photo is used on our calendar.

    Check it out at

  3. Hope you get a drier day soon. Wet and cold is not nice. Dry here in middle England but Autumn has definitely set her first foot in our weather. Trees beginning to turn but as yet not the colours of your WY Aspens. They are amazing.

  4. Thank You Carol, have that chain figured now… Web research showed me I had seen that style before. Failing old synapses just couldn’t quite visualize it from the angle of your other picture… Given the patina and lack of visible rust I’d put money on it being wrought iron, a relatively rare (and collectable) substance now days. Production declined continually after the Civil War and I believe the last US plant closed in the 1960’s. Wrought is a real treasure amongst smiths as it is a pure joy to forge as compared to mild steel.

    Beautiful sunset picture too! Love the intense colors you captured. The buck picture reminded me of the pbs special on the guy that spent 2 or 3 years studying (and befriending I guess) the deer West of Lander as near as I could figure. Ever see it?

    Same guy raised a bowl full of wild turkey eggs somebody left on his porch to a flock… had another program about that… Rambling…

    Thnx Again,


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