Trailing Down

Saddle at 7.  Drive up the mountain.  Unload.  Start taking pics and video to share with you!

The cows went pretty good until the Slope Pasture and. then. they. would. not. move.

Yell and whistle.

Chase through the rocks and down the hill.

Panama is tired.  Eden is tired.

Break for lunch at the bottom and let the cows eat as well.

Take off again and this time, I’d give them a B-.  Vernon had left us long before to go back for the pickup and horsetrailer before tomorrow’s storm.  Daniel took off to get the neighbor’s cows out of the way.  Brandon was up front keeping them from wandering.  Eden and I were in back.  I could have used Dally. And spurs.

Voice is sore.

Knees are stiff.

Body is tired.

The wind never stopped, and I tried to get rid of my sweatshirt layer – I soon regretted it – and put it back on!

With all that said, I still love this cattle drive!

The country is gorgeous.  MOST of the way, the cattle behaved.  Eden did very well and I was very happy with her.  Tess and Megan brought us an actual lunch instead of surviving on a granola bar.  The rain and snow can come along, the cows are down for another year!

Since I took so many videos, it’s taking forever to down load… and I am definitely not waiting.  I’m going to bed… so here’s a pic from yesterday to hold you for tonight!



Trailing Down — 3 Comments

  1. Wonderful description of your cattle drive down from the mountains. Although your knees became stiff and your whole body tired, this is the kind of healthy activity that keeps a person youthful so that age is just a number. I love the fact that it’s useful activity as well so it serves a real purpose. It’s not like walking on a treadmill, which can be a real challenge to stay motivated. Good work; I look forward to seeing more fall photos and videos.

  2. That does sound like a tough day, but beautiful! I can’t believe it is snow time again already. Geez….it seems like summer was just last week! Isn’t it great for you and Vernon to have your sons and daughters-in-law helping you out now. Gosh, you didn’t even have to prepare the lunch before saddling up this morning! Yipee! 😉

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