Mountain Snow

I was prepared.

Flannel lined jeans.  Four layers (tshirt, flannel shirt, sweatshirt, Carhartt jacket).  Gloves, scarf.

It wasn’t the snow, up on the mountain, it’s the Wind.  But actually, it was kinda nice!  If the wind died down or I was in the trees or down in a bottom, I was overdressed.  But on the flat, I was happy to be dressed the way I was!

snow cowboyWe were gathering the cows to bring them down tomorrow.  There’s bare spots where they can reach grass… but they aren’t very happy about it!

looking downDaniel and Vernon are down there… following that little bunch.  Eden’s keeping an eye on them!

water tankBrandon’s looking for the valve that’ll release the spring from filling the tank over the winter.  I do believe that water looks a mite cold.

sidebysideI hope the boys remember these days as fondly as I do!

gateA few miles and a few hours later… they put themselves through the gate to overnight in this tiny “horse pasture”.  Tomorrow, we will be up early to open some gates and follow them down the mountain. I’ve videoed this in years’ past, and it’s actually pretty fun to see how wet/dry/dusty /green/brown things are every year! (My favorite “Mountain Trail” video is 7 years old!  How did that happen??? Also, it’s only on vimeo, somewhere I lost that link on my blog.  Guess I’ll try to make a new Mountain Trail video tomorrow… ah, those Hollywood remakes… We will see if the new one is better!)

As you go to your Monday morning office… I’ll try to take a few good shots of my “office” as well.  You can be grateful your office isn’t outside in the snow!


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  1. I love seeing your “office” on your blog, but I am a warm weather person and the snow doesn’t appeal to me at all…………..except for pictures turned into jigsaws! Keep up the good work.

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