Happy Campers

I spent hours painting on the old shop remodel… my shoulder is tired, but I’m far from finished and then there’s that pesky second coat.

The shop does look wonderful though, and I’ll soon show you some blow by blow photos…

It’s now foam insulated and finished out with OSB and rigid insulation.

Highlight of the day was the evening when some of my old Girl Scout buddies and I visited our former boss from Girl Scout National Center West.  Her sister was one of Ten Sleep’s best teachers, and we all got together, sang grace (Johnny Appleseed since it was predicted to rain anyway), and ate a delicious meal.

We take a yearly photo, and unfortunately some of our merry band had already left when we realized we needed the photo.  Alas.

For my Girl Scout cohorts not able to attend this little function, here we are, 35+ years after working together at camp!



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  1. Hi Carol, This is Dee. Back then I went by Doris and my maiden name was Sater. I do remember a counselor who rode horses with my group named Carol who had long blond hair. Could that have been you? I rode horses named Sandy and Manilla for Saddle Straddle, and Radar for WIT. I remember Karen and Kelpie from WIT. I truly loved my experience at NCW and was very sad to hear when the Girl Scouts sold it. It was an experience I will always treasure!

  2. Hi Carol. I have been following your site for a number of years because of your love for English Shepherds. My wife asked that I send you a message saying that she was at NCW in Saddle Straddle in 1978 and WIT IN 1980.

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