Concrete Prayer

For me, it was another day of spray painting the shop.

First thing, though, was the guys pouring a new concrete pad for the new garage door to land on.  One end has always been dirt and gravel, and the new door needed a level landing spot, so they, with help from some of our hunters, poured a new little edge.

Needless to say, we had to sign the thing once it was all pretty, so four kids were rounded up and coached on what to do.

cementSomehow, I was chosen to help each kid lean over and press their hands into the wet concrete.  I think they all did well. My kids’ handprints are scattered around as well, with quarters with the years of their births in one spot!  Just another little prayer that this ranch continues into future generations.



Concrete Prayer — 4 Comments

  1. A great way to keep memories. We have coins and our initials (me, husband and two daughters) and dates (early 80’s I think) in the concert around my rotory washing line in the back yard.

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