God Bless America

Well, we can all do with a reminder, eh?

Quinlan has learned this at school… and I’m obliging him by posting it.

God Bless America from Carol Greet on Vimeo.


The story that goes with this…

I’ve posted his first take, cutting him off before he asked me if he was supposed to sing it two or three times.  One was fine, thanks!

Take two:  Almost complete and the dogs chased the curious calves in the corral behind me, causing a major disruption to the videographer, although Quinlan finished the song.  We giggled and went for take three.

Take three:  Again, down to the end… and a rather largish steer in the corral proceeded to poop not too far from us!  It’s a rather loud, splattering sound… and trouper that he is, Quinlan finished the song, then “EEEWWWWWW, he pooped!”.  We fell over in hysterics!

Take four:  Quinlan thought he could do it one more time, but the giggles hit him about halfway through, and that was it.

Take one will have to do!


Great pics of Jaxon today as well… more to come!



God Bless America — 11 Comments

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  2. You do have the cutest grandkids! I loved this seeing this video. Tell Quinlan that he did a wonderful job in singing that great song. He was right on tune and knew all the words. And that photo of Jaxon is so cute. Tell Jaxon to have a very Happy Birthday!
    Thanks, Carol, for sharing.

  3. Great story! Having been a vocal music teacher – I’m applauding Quinlan for memorizing this wonderful song and singing it so clearly! And hats off to his music teacher for having this song a part of his school music program.

    Then the picture of Jaxon stole my heart right after the video – Happy Birthday and enjoy the kitty companion!

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