And Waiting…

I came home last night to no internet… the modem was overheating and after many power restarts, it finally just quit.  Luckily, the local phone company and I figured out a solution, and they dropped a new modem at a store in Ten Sleep, and, since I was going in to watch Quinlan sing his “God Bless America” with his schoolmates at the Veteran’s Day ceremony, I had a new modem by noon!


Victoria and family are here, the twins to celebrate their fifth birthday early.  Megan, Lorelei, and I took the twins to the program at school so they could watch Quinlan sing.

Victoria cooked her little heart out all morning, baking camouflage cupcakes for Waylon, and a ‘Blaze and the Monster Machines’ cake for Wyatt.  She also cooked my sister some camouflage cupcakes since today is HER birthday!

The afternoon was spent helping my sister move into her house with Vernon, Brandon, and Daniel doing the heavy lifting.  They have much more to do, but the heavy stuff is at least close to its final position.

Tonight, we partied… these kids are very good at singing “Happy Birthday”…

I can’t share pics of the twins on the internet, so the Picture of the Day belongs to the *other* day.  What do you do when you’re waiting on the last of the cows and cowboys to show up???  One option:



And, yes, I forgot the puzzle on Wednesday…

previewWaiting Puzzle


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  1. Glad you all had such a great time celebrating the twins birthday. Wish my grandson would be as still as Panama when it’s ‘hair time’. Any photos of the birthday cakes?. Best wishes to your sister in her move.

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