The wood box is filled.

I have everything I need… wool slippers, wool blankets… down blankets… I imagine I will be warm!  I hope you all stay warm out there!

The coldest it’s been here lately was -16˚ a few days ago, far from the coldest I’ve seen it.  It’s 10˚ now and falling with a clear, moonlit night… we will see what it is in the morning!

For fun, let’s enter our cities and the low temps over the next few days… and, sure, throw in windchill too!

And to get everyone in the mood for this little chill headed our way… this foggy morning scene looks cool to me!




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  1. -21 degrees Celsius with a wind making it -33 degrees Celsius these days in Alberta Canada. Since has “warmed” up to a balmy -15 degrees Celsius with no wind. lol Stay warm!

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  3. It’s 14 right now in Carbon County, Montana, warmer than it’s been recently. But tomorrow’s low is forecast to be -20. I don’t even want to think about what the wind chill might be for -20.

  4. Right now it’s 13 degrees F with winds of 23 mph….wind chill makes it feel like-6 F. here in Buffalo, NY. We had our first pretty big snow storm yesterday and thru the night. My year old English Shepherd, Sandy, runs like an antelope/gazelle with her long strides and snow-diving! She is the fastest dog I have ever had! Loves the snow, like me! Keep warm, everyone.:-)

  5. Here way down south in Statesboro Georgia it will be around 32 or maybe a little lower. But it’s a beautiful day with sun shinning and a wonderful high of 57 degrees.
    Merry Christmas to everyone and all the animals!!!

  6. Hit 82 in our spot in the Sonoran desert yesterday. Cold enough last night for one blanket and a warm friend. This morning we were treated to one of the most magnificent sunrises I’ve seen in years…deep pinks and corals with a 50+ temp. Good morning, Ten Sleep!

  7. In Milwaukee this morning it was -3 on my car but the wind chill is -21 today we have a high of 8 and tomorrow a snow storm with 6-12 inches of snow. And Sunday the forecast is back to the negatives. Wisconsin is fun in the winter. Wool is my go to clothes to keep me warm.

    • Gee, someone on the phone the other day told me I had won a four day three night stay in Orlando… I should have taken them up on that!

  8. 3 degrees this morning out in the country, Clark county Ohio. No wind and 3 – 5 inches of snow protecting the ground. This is when I am happy to no longer have horses and cows to take care of. Our dogs and cats stay in the house, and I can too.

  9. Friday’s forecast north of Priest River Idaho is a possible wind chill of -18 and a low that night of around -10. I’m told it’s been colder than normal and without enough snow to insulate certain things. We had issues with water drainage from the house today and were told that we’re the only ones up in this valley to even have running water right now. Yikes! There are only about 14 places up here off the grid, but at 11 miles out, driving to town for water is something else. I hope we can keep it running and help the others if we can. Right now the temp is 14, so it’s not as bad as it has been and will be in the next few days.

  10. Here way south of you in Albuquerque, NM, it was 59 degrees today, and is projected to be 50 tonight. It has been sunny and warm during the day. But, a big wind storm and cooler weather is projected for tomorrow evening! It will get much colder soon! But not as cold as you are there, Carol. Although we have had lows in the -10 degrees range at night some years! Brrrr!

  11. Just filled the mud room with wood. Feed the horses extra. Duck are working hard to keep the pond open. Dropped grain and some oat hay for the deer. Think I’m set. Let’s see who gets the lowest temps.

  12. 30 and snowing lightly here couple miles NE of Banks, OR (25 miles West of Portland), no wind, no chill factor… And I’ll look at all the wildlife pics you wish to post Carol….

  13. We;;, I’ll have you know that it got clear down to 54° last night. That’s chilly for us here in Orange County in southern California. :p

  14. Keep warm Carol. Middle England is mild for time of year. For the next five days temps around 46/36F. Down side is that it is dull, damp and cloudy. The sun is hiding most days. A few years back we got to -19C. This froze the windscreen container in my car as most solutions here only go to -10C. I learnt my lesson as I had to pay £££££££ to get a new one fitted. Now I get a screen wash down to -20C. Take care out there. I will be watching the snow in Jackson via the webcam. Grandkids love to watch. The 5 year old has not seen much snow yet.

  15. 30 degrees this morning in Clatskanie, OR. We do have colder temps on the way tonight but that Pacific Ocean 40 miles away can be a big modifier of temps for us. Stock tank heaters are plugged in and fresh bedding in the barns for my old goats! Merry Christmas to all!

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