Fresh Snow

After our blizzard yesterday, we were happy to see a bright blue sky today.  Although the temperature didn’t seem to break 15˚, it was fairly nice out… the grandkids even came up to try to sled in the fresh 10″ of snow, but it wasn’t packed, and powdery snow isn’t great for sledding on shallow hills appropriate for little kids!  Another day or so of sunshine and pickup tires and it may be back to being a great sledding hill.

Most roads in Wyoming seemed to be closed this morning, but road crews are diligently at work, and now many highways just read as SLICK on WyDoT’s website.  Be careful out there!

The dogs and I tramped out to the barn and chicken coop, bringing them some hay to dig around in, since 10″ snow is pretty much equivalent to Chicken Neck Deep… and chickens are… chicken… when it comes to snow.

I liked this photo of the barn…

barnAnd some flying visitors just wouldn’t let me get good shots of them through the branches…

bald eagleraptorAnd who knew that even the old outhouse can look good with a layer of fresh snow on it?




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  1. No snow here in southern California! It does get
    chilly, tho. All of your photos would make delightful puzzles, don’t you think?
    Hope you had a great birthday and wish Vernon a happy, happy for me.

  2. Not much snow in Buffalo, NY or Toronto, where I am visiting family. I saw
    two very big hawks in my travels! Very nice picture of the red bar, fence, and shadows on the snow. Yes, everything looks so lovely with new-fallen snow.

  3. No sun in Casper! We planned to get up at 4:00 to take our guests at 5:00 for the 6:00 flifgt. During the night, it was changed to 9:45 a.m. Then at 8:00 changed to 2:00 and it’s almost 12:30 and that hasn’t been confirmed! The drift on our patio is above our 6′ waists!

  4. Great photo of old out house Carol and of the barn in sunshine. No snow in middle England but getting colder (for us, nothing like WY cold) in next few days. Stay safe out on your roads.

  5. We are getting more snow. Took pictures of dogs on hike around the hay fields. They had a ball. Me? Not so much. Knee deep snow. Use to love Bald Eagles until one injured one of my Indian Runner ducks. A $57.00 vet bill and being laughed at by the vet. I know, I know, but get your dinner some where else.

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