Aha!  Repaired it!  Oh, *I* didn’t… GoDaddy did.

Spent an hour on hold last night and the guy corrected the problem in about 30 seconds when he finally got on the phone with me.  One of my plug-ins was weirding out and blocking my site.  So he says, “Don’t activate it, just leave it.”  What did I do THIRTY POOPY SECONDS LATER?????


It was late.  I went to bed!

Everything should be updated and getting along nicely…

So… it’s six below zero and six more inches of fresh snow and my Christmas decorations are down (although not completely stowed away) and the guys are turning cows in from the badlands to let them come into feed (there’s plenty of grass out there, but they INSIST it is time to be fed hay!

Great things to share SOON… but for now… beauty pic and puzzle…

shop sunset

previewWinter Sunset Puzzle

Click on the puzzle to solve the photo as a jigsaw!


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  1. love the picture. So when are you answering questions again? I have a couple for you. 1.) As I told you before I am gradually moving to the country. How do you plan for grocery shopping? Do you go once a month? What about perishables? I figure I should ask an expert. Yikes I can’t remember my other question. Thanks for the great blog. I have learned so much from you.

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