Happy Dance x 2

So, I may have mentioned or alluded to this in the past… but here it is today… IN PRINT!

The Big News.

I submitted a journal to Working Ranch Magazine… and it is in the January 2017 issue which arrived today!

Yes, I was nervous… even though I had let my family read and change anything before I sent it in… you still never know!  I have to say that Tim and WR Magazine did a great job!

page one

page twopage threepage fourIf you read it, you see the mention that we all get Wrangler jeans and shirts for doing this!

Neato Frito, right????!!!!!

THEN…  I thumbed through the magazine further, since I had started all of this when I submitted some photos for the Amateur Photography Award.  How super duper cool is THIS???


stetsonLucas, Dally, and Eden make an appearance.  English Shepherds ROCK!

You know… as a kid getting clothing is kinda a “meh” occasion…. but I wanna tell you, getting clothing these past few months has been FANTASTIC.

Greet Ranch jacket from Northern Livestock Video Auction’s Pioneer Award for Johnny.

Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame scarf from Johnny’s induction.

Custom cowboy hat from Beef Magazine and Greeley Hat Works (due for pickup this month sometime).

Wrangler jeans and shirts FOR EVERYONE from Working Ranch Magazine and Wrangler.

Stetson boots from Working Ranch Magazine and Stetson.


I will have to get a photo!

But right now, I’m doin’ a Happy Dance times TWO!


Happy Dance x 2 — 26 Comments

  1. This feature article is a fabulous acknowledgement of your success as ranchers and your ability, Carol, to convey a snipet of your ranch life through words and pictures. Thanks, from a follower in Indiana! Those are also some great “goodies” as well, for your efforts.


  2. Terrific, wonderful, Carol! Congratulations to you on the article and to your whole terrific, hard-working family. The article is well deserved by all of you. I’m so happy for you, and if younger, would be doing Snoppy’s “happy dance.”! For now I’m just smiling a great big smile!! ;-}

  3. Wow Carol how wonderful to have new outfits without shopping for them. It’s well deserved for all your hard work . We’ll need a photo when you get them all.

  4. Most excellent! Happy-dancing right along with you! I hope your article will alert many readers to the treasures that can be found here on your blog.

  5. Let me add my congratulations to the rest. Great job, Carol and so well deserved! I am so pleased for you!
    Looking forward to a fabulous New Year with you, the ranch, the dogs and kids and crafts and all that you do!

  6. So excited for you! You do such great photos and interesting articles so it’s wonderful you’re getting some recognition. Congratulations and enjoy all those perks!

  7. Carol, this is beyond fantastic. There’s really no words for what a great achievement this is. Woohooooo!!!!!!! Happy dance, happy dance for you. You inspire me.

  8. That is fantastic! You are a great educator of ranch life. Thank you so much. Congratulations you are going to look spiffy in your new clothes.

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