#TBT: Way Back Wishes

While last week’s #tbt was a photo of my grandparents… I went back another step to my *great* grandfather shown seated in this photo.  His name was Kennedy Underwood and he was a full blood Choctaw.  Born around 1860 in Indian Territory, I know nothing much about him but his parents’ names (Pehlichi and Tennessee) and his date of death in 1915.  Oh, and my mom said he had very striking light grey eyes…

Oh, how I wish I knew more!

Kennedy Underwood


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  1. Carol, I just saw your story about your greatgrandfather. You might be able to learn more about him from the Bryan County Genealogy Library and Archives in Calera, OK. They have an unbelievable number of files including many Choctaw records. Phone number is (580) 434-5848. They also have many helpful volunteers working there who might be able to assist you in your search from a distance; I don’t believe their files are online. Good luck. Family histories are so exciting to learn as I have found from my own.

  2. It would be so interesting to know more about him and the photo, I’m sure. Like, who’s the other man, where are they at, and why, in this photo, etc., etc., etc.!
    I love old photos, but I often wish that the names of the people and date would be written on the back of the photo. I always “try” to remember to do that with my photos, so someday perhaps some interested descendant would be able tell who they are and when, etc. Thanks for posting it.

  3. WOW Carol. Look at the size of him. His hands are huge. Guess that is why he is sitting. They could not have gotten him in the picture if he was standing up. Look how is knees are up.

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