How Many

Just have to share a few pics before it gets too late or I take more and never get a chance to share these…

When I ride along with the guys, I will see a chance for a pic and never say anything… just because we would be stopping ALL THE TIME.  Now, Vernon is Very Good to stop if I *do* give out a little squeal, but I try not to ask too often, because usually we Have Things To Do.

So, when we were out in the badlands, I wanted some “Sage Chickens in the Snow” photos, and I passed and passed and then they were too far, and then there was a perfect one with the sun and light just right, but I let that one go by too… But when we stopped at a gate, and Vernon said he was going to go down to the corner and kick two cows through… well, that just meant I was gonna go see if I could take a few pics of the lowering winter sun and maybe just see some sage chickens.

I grabbed a few shots of the sun, then headed back to the pickup…

winter sunwinter sunSorry, couldn’t decide which I liked best…

Then, walking back… and yes, it was a little BRISK… Eden swung out wide to my left… and flushed some sage chickens!

Well, the lighting wasn’t great… but, hey, I lucked out and my cowdog/birddog helped me reach my goal for the day!

sage chickensage chickensLook closely, click on the photo above to enlarge it… how many do you see????


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  1. I was just wondering how many puffy, steamy breaths you puffed out per minute. It appears to be a few degrees below “balmy”. Beautiful. Thanks.

  2. I see 4, which includes a very small one (I think!). But my eyesight isn’t too great right now, since I’m in the midst of cataract surgeries on my eyes! ;-}

  3. I count 4, maybe a fifth turned away, behind the left most chicken… Have the same ‘stopping’ problem Carol, takes me FOREVER to get anywhere… Be glad you don’t carry a geologists pick too… Good thing Carhartt invented hammer loops or I’d have no hands to climb fences or open gates…

    • You made me laugh… I had an uncle who was an entomologist… and he’d stop by places to see what bugs there were! We are lucky what we love is outside!

  4. I love the winter sun photos. I only counted 3, but there could have been many more hiding in the snow covered sage. It was hard to tell if there was a chicken hiding.

  5. I count 4, plus ?? something that looks like a baby prairie dog!! but I know that probably can’t be…:-) Wonderful photos, and thank you Eden!

    • Depending on your operating system (I’m Wndws 10), right click the picture and then open it in a new tab. That got me the whole picture.

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