#TBT: “Zula’s Cabin”

Of particular interest to my friend and dedicated reader, D.

My mother-in-law’s aunt was Zula.  She married Rouse Anderson.  To you locals, that explains how the Greets and Andersons are related!

This photo reads:

“Nowood homestead where Zula was born.”

No date, but Zula must have been born in the early 1900’s… though I don’t know when the photo was taken.  Anyone know cars???  Or D.?  Do you know more about this photo?



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  1. Zula Grace Arnold was born May 23 1905 to Alva Bert and Mabel Jacobs Arnold. Burt and Mabel married in 1904 and “homesteaded” on the Upper Nowood. Mabel’s parents and siblings had settled in the Spring Creek area by Cherry Creek – later known as Jacobs Creek.

    According to Altha Rose Arnold Calton’s (Zula’s youngest sister) autobiography as dictated to her granddaughter, all of the Arnold siblings, Zula, Effie, Bill, Glen and Altha (Altie) were born in this homestead cabin on the upper Nowood. On 14 Jan 1914, the Worland Grit posted notice that Bert “Made final proof to establish claim to Homestead entry No. 4017 02181”.

    I have been curious about the pole also. There are photos taken around that time of homes with a similar pole nearby. I have found mention that the Groshart brothers in Worland had a telephone franchise in Worland but no mention that the rural area around Ten Sleep had service until 1913.

  2. Zula was my grandmother. Her last name was Arnold and at some point, I believe her father was a blacksmith in TenSleep. I don’t remember the year she was born but Uncle Gene would know. What a cool picture. I have never seen it before. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hard to see, but is that an electric line coming from the tall pole in the background? I don’t see any other lines or poles, but that might give an indication of the time frame.

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