Happy #TBT, or Something

Yes, yes, it’s Thursday… where’s the #TBT?

Well, see… I knew I’d missed it… my BLOGOVERSARY was January 20th!!!  I mean, that’s kinda typical… I’m always late with presents or birthday cards or whatever… I NEVER seem to get my act together in time!

So this #TBT is a bit different… it’s a birthday/anniversary celebration.  Kinda.  Sorta.  Happy #TBT!, or Something.

I started this blog with just a simple paragraph that first day… and then described a magnificent snowfall in my next entry, and freezing cold in the next…  If you need some reading material, feel free to go back to the Beginning and read up to now!  But do be prepared, I started writing this thing in 2008.

Yeah, nine years of dust and grit and the scent of sage and horsehair and Dog Hair (which deserves a capital D!) and cows and weddings and babies and holy cow! what a life I’ve been blessed with!

The early photos are lost, except for my personal hard copy… and, lately, I’ve been thinking, I’m WAYWAYWAY behind on making a hard copy to add to my collection.  I’ll have to see how expensive an online book of my entries would be these days… knowing me, I’ll just stock up on paper and ink and get to printing on my own printer.  Lots of places won’t print photos… and what would be the point of *that*?

At least now, I have a printer that will print on both sides!

So this week’s #TBT?  It’s Bob, Johnny’s old dog.  He is the first photo that now appears in my blog.  (Though not the original first photo!  Yeah, that’s another long story, but one that’s not necessary right now!)  So, Bob is #Throwback Thursday for this week… not quite *historical*, but still a blast from the past!




Happy #TBT, or Something — 6 Comments

  1. P.S. Carol, since some of the pictures and videos that are mentioned in your earliest posts are missing, perhaps you could point us to your YouTube page or channel where these oldies but goodies are safely stowed away. Such as this one:


    I hope you are using something like an external hard drive to which you can easily save each of your posts right before or after uploading it??

  2. > 3,200 blog posts worth of beautiful photography, captivating and educational information, and tales full of good humor, wit, and heart–no wonder I’m still one of your very regular and very grateful readers! Congratulations, Carol, on your Blogoversary, and a great, big, fat THANK YOU for the past nine years of Red Dirt In My Soul; it is like a refuge for me, a place in cyberspace where I can breathe and smile (or, at times, shed a few tears with you), when the facts of life here seem disheartening. Thank you again, and I hope you will continue blogging… as long as you continue to enjoy it (which, I hope, will be a lo-o-ong time!!).

  3. Happy Blogoversary! For sure I WILL go back and read your early stories, since I started following you in 2010, when I had Taffy, my first English Shepherd. Bob looks like he loves being “Home on the Range!”

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