We haven’t had winter like this in years.  It has sifted down all day long, sometimes heavily, sometimes not.  In undisturbed places the white blanket is a foot deep, making any travel out of a rut difficult and sweaty!  We cheated to move the cows down to the Christopherson place by putting out a hay laden trailer ahead of them and tempting them down the road.  Vernon and Boomer ran the 4 wheeler to gather the stragglers and then rushed ahead to turn them off the highway.  I managed to drive the pickup and horse trailer and run the heater and defroster…tough work!  I, of course, had Lucas and Elsa with me.  Elsa gathered and drove some cows out of the snow by my house…she’s speedy and does fairly well once she understands which way we are going!  She is still learning… she hasn’t been here a year yet, and all of this action is very new to her.  Elsa is also an Oklahoma born dog, so this snow and ice and bitter cold are new experiences!  I hope her breeder/owner, De Butcher could see her run through the snow!  I hope to put that video on here soon.  Lucas, on the other hand, is a steady worker.  I put him out as we were going down the road and told him to “Follow ’em!”  He did.  He does have to visit each delineator post and christen it… guys!  He has a quick video as well.  Tonight it is clear and -23.  The stars just glisten and the snow creaks and I am grateful for warm houses and heat and running water and toasty blankets.


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