Trained Eyes

Trained eyes.

We were about to drive down the switchbacks in Ten Sleep canyon.  The sun was going down… I’m admiring the play of warm sunshine on parts of the canyon walls… debating on photo compositions if I could have Vernon stop for a minute.  Then I see… WAYYYYY up on top of the canyon, a silhouette.

“I think I see an elk!”


“Clear on top!”

Vernon whips into the big turnoff at the top of the first switchback and points the Jeep to where I could get a good look.  “Are my binocs in the door?”


So I rely on my camera’s telephoto… zooming in as far as I could, taking a pic, then I hit <playback> and further zoom in.

“Yeah!  There’s two!!!!”

Gotta love digital photography!

So here’s regular view of the top of the canyon rim…

rimLook on the left side… by the tree.

rimThe cow to the left is the one that caught my eye… and the one with her head in the sunlit tree was bonus!  Notice, even up there… powerlines screw up my photos!!!

And then…

rimOver to the right, four more elk are standing on the horizon.  (One is out of frame in this pic!)

All I can say is, yay for my father… who trained me to look for those “deer’s ears” and shapes from a young age!  I love spotting elk!


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