Bullet journaling is a topic that I shared during my Journaling Class I gave at the library a while back…  basically it’s a great way to keep track of things like goal setting or habits.

You can track just about anything… and be organized about it.  It’s a way to accomplish things instead of just being busy.  I find myself being busy A LOT… but I still haven’t finished my Cowboy Counting book with Quinlan,  or remade The White Goose by Tasha Tudor, or completed my fairy/cowboy book… You see the pattern here?  I start.  I don’t finish.

I get caught up (or distracted) and there’s so many things I want to do…  bullet journaling is helping me see that in concrete terms.  I kept track of how many times I actually “create” a craft or “write” on those children’s books I want to do.  Since January?  I have checked those off on my list about 5 times.

I want to do more creating and fewer dishes!  That’s not gonna happen, but maybe less time doing dishes is within reach!!!  I’m trying very hard to be more organized which kind of leads into more *clean* as well.

A long time ago, I ran across the 15 Minute Room Cleanup.  It’s just exactly that… Set a timer for 15 minutes and clean one room for the entire time!!!  You can’t count dishes or laundry, just that room.  Work hard until that buzzer sounds… In an hour and a half, my house should be clean.  If you think you’re all clean… look again, wash a window, or a wall, clean out a drawer, it’s amazing what you can find to work on!

Then the buzzer sounds and that’s it.  You’re finished.  Don’t worry about it, finish it tomorrow.

Add dishes and laundry and two or two and a half hours should be all you need to have a clean house.  That leaves twelve hours to do Something Else.  Now, cooking will take up a large part of that for me, but still… there’s a lot of hours left in my day.  Why aren’t my goals completed yet?

So… yesterday, I packed myself down to my studio, away from distractions… and created.

Inspired by the newest Roby Baer video on YouTube, I picked up my pastels.  Why I chose to do a black cow in the snow… I don’t know.  Shading black isn’t easy!  But, hey, I’m happy enough… I accomplished something creative!

pastel cow


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  1. Shading black may not be easy, but you managed to have a little ray of sun hit the top of the cute heifer’s derrière!
    Thanks also for the Roby Bear link. (Wish I weren’t such a hopeless case…)

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