Just Dandy

Because this photo is just Dandy.

He wouldn’t come hug me at the calving shed yesterday because I have the rotten cold that’s been touring the Ten Sleep area as of late.  He wouldn’t even take a brownie from me!

So I took a picture of him.

Yup, that’s my boy…

Broncos cap.  Check.

Sunglasses.  Check.

Hooded sweatshirt and Carhartt coat.  Check.

Working jeans.  Check.  (The kind where the holes come from hard work, not pre-made.)

Boots.  Check.  (This time of year, the brand is Muck as opposed to Red Wing.)

Almost a smile.  Check.  (He’s always ready to tease or laugh… I’m just lucky he wasn’t sticking his tongue out at me!)


Just Dandy.



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