Bless My Little Heart

huhEh?  What did you say?

Well, I’m shocked, just shocked!

reallyWhat did you say?

Well, bless my little heart…

greenIt is FEBRUARY… In WYOMING… the snow JUST left… and yes, look at all the green!  It isn’t even Saint Patrick’s Day!


We’ve got two great questions already for the next Q&A Session… are there any more out there??? Post ’em in the next few days, and a Q&A will be on its way!



Bless My Little Heart — 2 Comments

  1. How do you plan for grocery shopping? Do you have a long way to a grocery store. I am in the process of moving to the country and the grocery store is about 35 miles away. I figure I would shop once a month but I am finding that might be hard to do.

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