Hike Day

We all had spring fever today!

Johnny drove out into the badlands, so did Vernon… different ways!  Brandon moved dirt for his big project.  Daniel and a friend went horn hunting.  The girls and kids and I went for a hike.

ghrebedeauxJaxon found the name on the rock immediately! (G.H. Rebedeaux 1909)

cliff creepingA little cliff creeping…

cliffgirlsThe girls take a much needed break after packing their daughters most of the way on this hike!

littlesOur destination achieved!  Note the elk tracks across the hillside… we never saw them, but I’m pretty sure they heard us!

boysThe boys and I took a little side trip to the hidden spring. I made them pose here, telling them someday they could come back and do the same pose to see how they’ve grown… and, never big, the spring is barely a seep back in the shadows!

All in all, a very fun and relaxing day!


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  1. P.S. The photo of your two grandsons with their t-shirts on and their caps pulled down low to their eyes, reminded me so much of my two grandsons when they were that age. It brought back so many good memories of being with them when they were that age. (They are 18 and 17 yrs old now and the oldest is graduating from high school in May! Yikes, I don’t know how that happened so quickly!) Thanks for the photos–I enjoyed seeing them and the memories that they brought back to me. ;-}

  2. Your grandkids are so blessed to be able to grow up there with so many outdoor adventures and hands-on learning! In the cities and suburbs, they may have a small yard, with paved streets with curbs and a lot of car traffic out front! Or they may live in a large apartment building with no yard to play in at all. It is so wonderful to see the photos of your grandkids enjoying the experience of such a very special upbringing, and I’m sure a lot of your readers, like me, wish we had as youths. Count your blessings, Carol! 🙂

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