New Pasture

I’m having a rough time with my internet at night, connecting, not connected, saving, re-establishing connection… so I’m blogging in the morning, hence, the late posting time!

Yesterday, the guys decided to move one cow herd out to another pasture… so I, of course, volunteered to assist.  We decided to try it with four wheelers instead of on horseback… and, it actually went fairly well, especially since we didn’t do this last  year, so many of the cows hadn’t done it before.  Thankfully, old cows got out in front and led the way!


Some calves need encouragement to cross irrigation ditches…

ditchTuff gets an obstinate cow off the hillside.

TuffConference time… (I have ones like this on horseback from years past!) (Another post you might like: Herding Cats)

conferenceHerding cats uphill…

herding catsActually, it went quite well… oh, there were a few that needed to be straightened up…

calf cartBut mommas were quickly found and everyone was happy…



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  1. Great photos Carol. Gives me ( middle England, with a few cows or sheep on nearby hills. No idea how they get them there!!) a look into your ranching day. You seem to have the same gray clouds we have.

  2. Good story telling with pictures! I especially like the one of Tuff getting the cow off the hill. Also really like the conference and with that splendid tree in the background and the last one.

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