#TBT: A Little Different

I don’t really feel like a photo for this #tbt.  I know it doesn’t make sense!

For fun, I looked back at some of my first entries on this blog…  It’s easy to do, just scroll down the right sidebar and you’ll see “A Look Back in Time”.  Just click on one, and revisit some old posts, or do a search for a topic you like by scrolling down a little more!

I wrote the article called “It’s Disgusting” February 21, 2008.  It could have been entitled “Things You Should Know Before You Marry a Rancher”.

Click here and you’ll read an entertaining little entry…


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  1. As I only ‘found’ you in 2014, I read your post from February 2008. My goodness there was certainly a lot of ‘disgusting’ stuff to take onboard. Well done Carol. And thanks for sharing with us the good and ‘disgusting’ parts of ranch life.

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