We worked our yearling heifers today… weighing them, giving them shots and wormer.

Hellooooo, girlies!

peekWe closely watch the girls weights… I know, I’m glad  my weight isn’t public knowledge…

pageThe boys run this show…

boysIt’s over with fairly fast for the girls… though it took us most of the day!


Any questions for the next Q&A?  Post them in the comment section…


Girlies — 2 Comments

  1. So much of your ranch work is dependant on the weather, how do you get an accurate forecast. Is it easier now with things like Accu Weather or the Weather Chanel or do you have some good old fashioned methods that have worked well for many years. Thanks Carol.

  2. Can you share a little about your Native American background – how far
    back can you trace it, names, places, etc. Thanks.

    I also asked a ? yesterday about the website + blog.

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