In No Particular Order

More sorting and moving cows and calves…

More branding photos for you in no particular order.

vaccinatorsThe vaccinating team.

wrestlersRopers were busy.  Six wrestling teams on the ground at once!  We had a BIG crew this year.

QQuinlan helped mark a few calves.  After they’ve been vaccinated, a chalk mark is applied to their back, so everyone can tell who has received what.

whatNice looking babies!

meSomeone stole my camera… and grabbed a shot of Brandon and I!

BBrandon drags a calf out of the catch pen.

cloudsBranding under the Big Western Sky!


In No Particular Order — 6 Comments

  1. Great mother-and-son shot! (Hey, do you see that? Brandon’s big smile makes him look like Paul Newman in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”!!) 🙂

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